Flout Pizza East Belfast

Flout Pizza Belfast

There are time when we review the pizzas around Belfast. This is where we review THE pizza in Belfast. Let’s talk about Flout!

Pizza being served at Flout Pizza Belfast

This review has been a long, and we mean, LONG time coming. A few years ago when Slice was but a small Instagram account, someone slid into our DMs and asked us to come over for some pie.

Now, it is important not to listen to strangers, but when Pete’s Hut (as he was known at the time) was showing us some very dirty pictures (i.e. pizzas he was making in his garden), we were across town faster than the Glider.

We were watching him make some absolutely incredible pizzas, and while chatting, there was a whisper from Pete that one day he was going to have his own place. Quite romantically, this was all taking place while standing his garden as it passed down, so it felt more like a sentimental aspiration.

The pizzas were taken home, and by god, there were beyond top tier pies. Like, the kind of pizza you wish there was magically more of. FAST FORWARD over two years later and a lot of drooling over phone screens at photos, and we’re finally on the cusp of having something special in Belfast: Flout! Pizza.

Just look at that. Pizza Perfection. And it’s sitting in the middle of East Belfast. We have been watching Flout’s instagram account (link here) for weeks, waiting for the day when our schedules would align and we could nip over to sample what we had been bigging up to everyone and their granny as some of the best pizza we’d ever had. So on another rainy and cold Saturday afternoon in Belfast we found ourselves sitting here:

We found ourselves looking at this:

We found ourselves staring with intent at this:

The memories of being handed those free pies a few years back weren’t just memories that you embellish over time. Pete has transformed his unbelievably amazing pizzas in to this bricks and mortar pizza mecca.

So, what pizza did you have then?

Usually in these reviews we wax lyrical about the menu and such, but none of that today. The slice of heaven you see just above is Flout’s stab (and what a fantastic wound) at Philadelphia Tomato Pie. It’s a shocker to see this kind of slice here. It’s even more of a shocker to see if done to perfection.

Our second slice was this NY style slice that went to base with the basics and abso(fucking)lutely knocked it out of the park. Pete told us he himself had milled the flour used in the pizza, and you could sense this immense level of freshness in every bite.

Like, just look at this undercarriage.

There’s literally no other way of achieving such a spotty bottom unless your dough is so damn fresh it has to blister in to this beauty. Oh, and did we mention it’s topped with aged & fresh mozzarella & D.O.P provolone. You can see those almost Ninja Turtle strands of cheese making an appearance underneath. It’s just that damn good.

Now, if you scroll back up you’ll see the first photo included Flout’s Spicy King and (if memory recalls) sausage slices. Obvs we don’t eat the meat, but 30 seconds staring at that cabinet and you could almost convert back.

We also bought a honey salty garlicky focaccia to take home. It was expected to last a few days, after all, we’d just eaten a mountain of pizza. Less than 24 hours later, a little remainder of oil on the chopping board was all that remained.

Are you sensing a pattern yet?

Flout Pizza Belfast

Where is Flout Pizza Belfast?

Flout Pizza Belfast is located on the outside of Portview Trade Centre , 310 Newtownards Road. Honestly, it’s hard to miss.

Opening hours do vary, so please make sure you’ll following Flout Pizza on Instagram to get updated on when it’s open.

So, is Flout Pizza the best pizza in Belfast?


It is hands down the best fucking pizza we have in town. Not only is Flout! a fantastic in-road to new pizzas styles, but we’re absolutely spoiled to have someone going all in to make unique and distinctive pizza in Belfast.

One trip here, and you’ll seriously consider why you’ll ever bother your hole ordering chain pizza again.

On the Sam scale, it is a solid 5 barks out of 5.

In conclusion, if I was any other pizza place in Belfast (bar the lovely folks at Pizza Works) I’d be bricking it right now. There’s officially a new best pizza in town.



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